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Col. (Dr.)
Ram Athavale (Retd)

Col. Ram Athavale, PhD, is a CBRN Security and Incident Management Consultant based in Pune, India.

Dr. Athavale provides advisory and consultancy services in the areas of CBRN Security, Risk Mitigation and Incident Management to stakeholders in the Government and the Private sector.

Dr. Athavale has worked extensively with the European Union's CBRN Risk Mitigation Center of Excellence (EU CBRN CoE) and the Indian Government, leading initiatives and advising them on strategic issues on CBRN security and risk management.

Professor Athavale is a Visiting Faculty at some Indian and overseas universities, academic institutions and military training establishments on CBRN subjects and Disaster Management. Notable is the Masters in CBRNe Protection course at University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy. A prolific writer in CBRN journals and magazines, he has been a preferred CBRN subject speaker at many international seminars and conferences. He has also authored a pioneering book on ‘CBRN Incident Management in India’, titled “Toxic Portents”. Presently based at Pune, India, he functions as a CBRN Security, Risk Mitigation and Incident Management Consultant for companies engaged in manufacture of CBRN equipment.

CBRN Security Services

As a CBRN Security and Incident Management specialist, Chebiran offers wholesome advice and consulting on the following :-

  • Threat analysis and vulnerability assessment

  • Developing a CBRN Security Plan

  • Equipment procurement and manpower planning for CBRN Security

  • Project Implementation Planning

  • Mitigation Plan Development

  • Training philosophy and curriculum for responders

  • Conducting CBRN training workshops


Enabling hospitals for CBRN incidents by Col Ram Athavale





+91 95950 62487



“Col. (Dr.) Athavale was instrumental in organizing Needs Assessment Workshops and National Action Plan Workshops in different countries... his vast experience & sound expertise in CBRN Risk Mitigation matters has resulted in visibly enhancing technical awareness & capability development in the East Africa Region”


Nov, 2018

Toxic Terror: Are We Prepared?

The distinction between internal and external security is fading. It is famously said, India has secure borders but insecure citizen. Terrorists can slip into our societies, and exploit our openness to inflict massive attacks. Analysis clearly indicates the growing possibility of CBRN terrorism in the Indian subcontinent...

May 2, 2018

Let me out! I’m choking!

World population is on the rise and cities and towns are getting overcrowded.  Tiny apartment blocks and slums are mushrooming on a daily basis.  Market places are chock-a-block and there is hardly any room for accommodating more people.  To save on space, market places are converting to malls where everything from shoes to food is concentrated in one building.  These malls more often than not also boast multiplexes which are bustling with activity especially on weekends...

Jan 2020

Practice Makes Perfect

CBRN incidents are on the rise and there is a need for clear understanding of threats, vulnerabilities and modus operandi for prevention and response. Managing CBRN incidents, both prevention and response, is a multi-agency afair seeking fne coordination and clear understanding of roles and jurisdictions...

Mar 2020

Biosecurity in India: The Way Forward

India is a vast country with porous borders, a great variety of flora and fauna and an over bulging population. Climatic conditions vary from perennially humid and sultry to snow-capped. In such a cauldron of a natural ripe potion, a drop of a toxic pathogen can cause havoc..